June 2016 Minutes



Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 30th June 2016 at 7.30 pm in The Chislet Centre, Chislet

Present            :      Cllrs Fee (in the Chair), Jones, Chandler, Craven, Hazard, Wilkinson,

Huckstep, Higglesden & Brant

In attendance:        Mr. G Eaton, Clerk to the Council, KCC Cllr Marsh & CCC Cllr Taylor

Action by:

1 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence

2 Declarations of Councillors Interests regarding items on the Agenda

Cllr Chandler declared an interest in any discussions regarding the Upstreet Village Hall proposal

There were no other declarations of Cllrs interest regarding items on the Agenda

3 Public discussion

There were no members of the public present

4 Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th May 2016 were agreed and signed

5 Matters arising

There were no matters arising of note


Action by:

6 To discuss correspondence received

Letter received from National Grid asking for notice to be displayed re public hearing for the Richborough Connection Project – Cllr Hazard to put notice on noticeboard

Cllr Hazard

Email received from William Hawkins updating on his progress with the Chislet website and asking for content to load onto the site


Email received re commemoration of the Battle of the Somme

Letter received from the Fields in Trust re the Centenary Field Programme

Letter received from Taylor Wimpey re proposed development on land west of Sweechbridge Road re public consultation

Email received from Environment Agency re spoil tipping at the wood yard on Nethergong Hill

7 To consider Planning and Enforcement matters

A Planning applications to consider

CA/16/001011 – Midway, Boyden Gate Hill, Chislet

Additional storey and extension

There was a full discussion about this application. Letter to be sent to CCC objecting as proposal out of proportion for site, overbearing and neighbours would be overlooked


CA/16/01100 – Badgers Holt, The Glen, Upstreet

Loft conversion

There were no objections to this application

CA/1601039 – Poors Farm, Chapel Lane

Erection of detached garage

There were no objections to this application – but not to be used as music studio

B Planning applications granted by CCC

There were no planning applications granted or refused


Action by:

C Other Planning Matters

Cllrs Fee & Jones reported that they had attended the CCC offices for a pre-arranged meeting with Colin Carmichael who failed to attend the meeting. The Planning officer who did attend had little knowledge of the issues. It was felt this was a complete waste of time

Cllrs Fee and Jones also reported that they had attended a Planning Committee meeting at CCC where the planning application for a new dwelling next to Castleton Cottage was being considered. Their comments were belittled and CCC Cllrs declined a site visit and refused the application

8 Neighbourhood Plan and Village Hall in Upstreet

Cllr Chandler declared an interest and took no part in the discussions

The proposals for a new Village Hall and dwellings were discussed and debated and two actions agreed before further discussions could take place on whether the Parish Council could support the proposals:

Clerk to contact CCC to inquire what help and support they were able to offer the Parish Council regarding a Neighbourhood Plan


Cllr Chandler to contact Kent Highways to request their opinion regarding sight lines from the proposed entrance to the site of the development onto the A28

Cllr Chandler

9 Phone box in Upstreet

The Clerk reported that BT had advised that the phone box was for card payments and emergency calls only (no cash). The general feeling was that if there was further damage/vandalism of the box it would be withdrawn. There was a brief discussion about adopting the box and a general discussion about the possibility of housing a defibrillator in the Kiosk if it was to be adopted. Clerk to check with KCC Cllr Marsh latest position re bulk purchase of defibrillators


10 To consider Finance matters

A The following accounts were approved for payment                         £

Cheque No 00999 G Eaton, Clerk’s salary & expenses                           436.95

Cheque No 01000 Harmer & Sons, grass cutting                                      546.00     incl VAT of £91

Cheque No 01001 S Huckstep, litter picking                                             265.33


Action by:

B To approve the 2015-2016 Accounts and Annual Return

The Annual Accounts and Annual Return were fully discussed and the bank balances agreed with the bank statements. The Annual Governance statement was signed off followed by the Accounts section. The Clerk was asked to forward the Return to the external auditors along with all supporting documents they required


11 AOB

KCC Cllr Marsh offered £500 towards the Chislet Fayre – Clerk to complete application form and return


12 Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next Meeting would be held on Thursday 21st July 2016 at 7.30pm in The Chislet Centre, Chislet

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm