Defibrillator in Upstreet

Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens to people of all ages and
survival rates across the UK vary from 2-12%. A Sudden
Cardiac Arrest victim’s chance of survival increases
significantly from around 5% to 75% if they receive good CPR
combined with therapy delivered by a Heart Defibrillator within
the first 3 minutes after a Cardiac Arrest. Furthermore, there are
12 children under the age of 18 that die in the UK each week
from Cardiac Arrest and many more young adults.

Chislet Parish Council has purchased a defibrillator
for use by the local community in case of cardiac
arrest or heart attack.
This is sited at the rear of the Royal Oak Public house
in Upstreet.
In case of emergency please go the site of the
defibrillator and ring 999.

The emergency services will
then give a code so that the box can be opened.
The defibrillator is equipped with simple voice
instructions so that it can be used easily and safely.

Stephen Brant January 2019