December 2016 Minutes





Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 12th December 2016 at 7.30 pm in The Chislet Centre, Chislet

Present            :      Cllrs Fee (in the Chair), Jones, Chandler, Wilkinson, Huckstep, Higglesden & Craven                                                                             

In attendance:      Mr. G Eaton, Clerk to the Council, KCC Cllr Marsh and one member of the public

Action by:

1 Apologies for absence  

Apologies were received from Cllrs Brant & Hazard and CCC Cllr Taylor

2 Declarations of Councillors Interests regarding items on the Agenda

It was noted that Cllr Chandler had previously declared an ongoing interest in any discussions regarding the Upstreet Village Hall/housing proposal

Cllr Huckstep declared an interest in the payment to the litter picker

There were no other declarations of Cllrs interests regarding items on the Agenda

3 Public discussion

The member of the public thanked the Parish Council and KCC Cllr Marsh for supporting her retrospective planning application at the stables in Highstead

4 Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th November 2016 were agreed and signed

5 Matters arising

There were no matters arising of note


Action by:

6 To discuss correspondence received

Letter received from Chislet PCC asking for the Parish Council to support its application to have signs fitted to the cemetery gates indicating that the cemetery contained war graves. This was unanimously supported – Clerk to provide an appropriate letter


Letter received from The Planning Inspectorate re Richborough Connection Project advising that its examination was complete. Their recommendation would be sent to the Secretary of State in early March 2017

Letter/map received from Parishioner raising concerns about the sewage and waste water from the proposed Village Hall/housing development on Island Road. The comments were noted but no application had yet been submitted

Email received from KCC re Volunteer Support Warden scheme – it was agreed that the Clerk would circulate the email containing full details of the scheme


Letter received re outsourcing of the payroll. After a full discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should continue to undertake the payroll and that the Council would continue to scrutinize

the Clerk’s salary and expenses claim form and the related payroll documentation before authorizing payment

Email received from KCC Cllr Marsh’s office advising that KCC Cllr Marsh has set aside £500 towards defibrillator – Clerk to claim if the Council decides to purchase a defibrillator

Email received from CCC re Heritage Champion – to promote all aspects of the historic environment of Canterbury

7 To consider Planning and Enforcement matters

A Planning applications to consider

CA/16/ 01913 Retrospective application for stables

Stables Chapel Lane Highstead

It was noted that the Parish Council had already written to CCC supporting the application


CA/16/02638 Prior notification to convert two agricultural dwellings to residential

Oxenden House Farm, Highstead

Letter to be sent to CCC – no objections if all conditions of prior notification have been met



Action by:

B Planning applications granted/refused by CCC

There were no planning applications granted or refused

8 Parish Questionnaire re proposed Village Hall in Upstreet

There was a discussion about the results of the questionnaire re proposed Village Hall in Upstreet. Cllr Fee stated that whilst the Hall was generally supported in Upstreet the overall response was very disappointing and could not be viewed as a mandate for the Parish Council to support the proposal. Cllr Fee also stated that proposal would be a standalone project of Cllr Chandler and that the Parish Council would not wish to be responsible for any ongoing revenue costs associated with the Hall. The Parish Council would also continue to support the Chislet Centre

Cllr Chandler then left the meeting so that a vote could be taken on whether or not the Parish Council was supportive or not of the proposal previously outlined by Cllr Chandler

The result of the vote was four Cllrs were supportive of the proposal and two opposed the proposal.

Cllr Chandler rejoined the meeting for a further discussion. It was agreed that it was now in Cllr Chandler’s hands to make a formal planning application if he so chose. Cllr Chandler stated that he would seek the advice of CCC regarding his proposal

9 To consider Finance matters & Accounts for payment

A The following accounts were approved for payment                           £

Cheque No 1030 G Eaton, Clerk’s salary & expenses                           395.95

Cheque No 1029 Inland Revenue, Clerk’s tax                                           6.00

Cheque No 1031 Harmer & Sons, grass cutting                                      546.00     incl VAT of £91

Cheque No 1032 S Huckstep, litter picking                                             265.33

B Precept requirement 2017-2018

The Clerk circulated the draft figures for the Council’s total spending requirement for 2017-2018. The figures were discussed and it was concluded that the total spending requirement for 2017-2018 would be the same as the current year. It was further agreed that given the level of concurrent function grant from CCC the Precept would be £10108. Clerk to notify CCC



Action by:

10 AOB

Cllr Jones to contact Mansfield’s Farm Manager re recently installed non horse friendly gates on bridleways

Cllr Jones

Cllr Huckstep reported on the ongoing problem of fly tipping within the Parish

Cllr Wilkinson on behalf on the Parish Council thanked KCC Cllr Marsh for all his work and efforts supporting the Council over the last year

Cllr Fee reported with sadness that Cllr Hazard had resigned from the Parish Council. It was agreed that a letter be sent to Toni thanking her for all her work and effort during the time she served on the Council and wishing her well for the future


11 Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next Meeting would be held on Thursday 19th January at 7.30pm in The Chislet Centre, Chislet

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10 pm