A note about The Royal Oak in Upstreet

21st September 2019

Finally, I can updated you on the position of The Royal Oak and its future.

As you may know, I had agreed to sell the property to a businessman that I have known for many years. However even though at a financial cost to me I felt the need to change the agreement. This was solely due to the affection I feel for the place and the friends I have made. I was reluctant to let The Royal Oak go completely as I was sure it would close and the village of Upstreet would have nothing but memories! I therefore agreed with the buyer to allow me to keep a vested interest in the property and not sell out completely in order that I can have a say in what would happen and give the pub one last chance at a future.

I now believe that it has a future with a new manager with whom I have every confidence in and I hope who will get the support of the village behind him as well as the continued support of the loyal customers who have supported me for the last three years. I feel I can now try and repay that loyalty by keeping the pub open for business!

Please support Dave in his new venture.

Tracey, Andy, Michael & Emily x